The Percentage “For” Trump, from a Dream

Saturday, Aug 1
: I was handed a laptop or tablet and asked to analyze data, in attempt to figure out the true percentage of people for Trump before the election. The data was confusing and hard to nail down. At first, it appeared a lesser percent was for him. However, when the facts finally emerged, it turned out 73% were for him.

Interpretation: Hmmm. 73%. Seven is the perfect number, and three the number of the Trinity. Could God be saying, ‘if I am for him, who can be against him?’

[Months later, it would come out, depending on analysis, between 73 and 75 million Americans voted for Trump. Before that number was announced, I would have another experience hearing from the Spirit where I heard Him whisper, “73 million”. I didn’t put all this together until after the election.]