Dreams – Destructive Injustice Leads to Spiritual Renewal

I don’t have time to thoroughly discuss these, but want them out there for the prayer warriors. Will comment/update more later.

Friday, July 31

Dream: Daytime, in full color, normal looking human bodies in civilian clothing laying en masse in a field, then I saw many being carried out on stretchers. Someone said, “all they did was obey”.

This dream was a scene in the natural. These were normal, apparently law-abiding humans, who had suffered a great injustice, were being destroyed by it. [Update: could this be about the loss of so many small businesses by COVID shutdowns? So many lives ruined, a ripple effect, and all these people did is ‘obey’. One theory.]

Dream: Nighttime, saw dark grey, inanimate bodies en masse all being lifted up into the air as if they were being taken away by something unseen.

This dream was a scene in the spiritual. The grey bodies were being removed supernaturally. Since the two dreams were connected, I believe the injustice of the first dream causes a spiritual rebound, which leads to the second. Spiritual darkness being removed.

Mon, July 27

Vision: I saw a tree on its side on the curb. It had a very small red tag on it.
Thoughts: I believe someone is going to die. The red tag is confusing. Connected to Republicans?

Vision: I saw a blue door unhinged on the left side.
Thoughts: Democrats unhinged? Connected to the death?

[Two days later, on July 29, former Presidential candidate and Republican, Herman Cain, died of COVID. Some on the left said, ‘he deserved it’.]