POWERFUL – Detailed Prophetic Word – Warning and Preparation for Fall 2020

A friend sent this video, and it is so powerful, you have to see it! I am seeing, hearing true prophets of God receive the same words from Him this year, each with additional pieces of the puzzle that should be put together. I’ve shared other videos on Faith and Fasting recently, and this is just as powerful!

Amanda Grace shares more detail about the Fall in America, the continued violence, what is going on in the spiritual, and where this is all leading. She includes a word pertinent to the people of God in the nation of China! Chris McDonald also shares a message the Lord gave him that is profound!

Please understand, I had never heard of these people before today. Yet, my spirit bore witness with their words because the Spirit of God had given me dreams with the SAME themes (the boat, the bull or cow, the burning, even a message about the reduction of China), posted in recent days here on Faith and Fasting. I’ll post links below, if anyone is interested.

I pray the Lord blesses you today, as you consider this incredibly impactful and important message for the people of God, worldwide! (Might fast forward in a few minutes to skip intro stuff.)

Articles containing parallel words to the prophetic messages shared in the video:

April 7: Coming Clean: Dreams and Visions about COVID-19 (contains the dream I had about China on March 19 – the last dream shared in this article)

June 16: A Bumpy Year Ahead Forewarned in October 2019

July 7: An Incendiary Vision – Election Prophesy and the Full Armor of God

July 25: Brace Yourself, Hold On Tight – We Will Not Sink