Trump Prophesy – Calling Global House of Prayer to Stand With God’s Plan

Sounding the alarm, blowing the trumpet, calling all prayer warriors from the global people of God to consider a short, 12-minute prophetic message from Robert Henderson.

My spirit bears witness with him. I’ve also had prophetic dreams confirming the same message. I’ve posted those dreams here on Faith and Fasting (links below). I’m ashamed to admit, though, I did not take them as seriously as I am compelled to take them now.

Friends, it doesn’t matter what we think of President Trump as a man. If God is behind him, then SO MUST WE BE. Those of us who have struggled with what to think or feel about Donald Trump must set aside our reservations and, not get on Trump’s bandwagon, but get on God’s bandwagon!

If God is behind President Donald Trump, then SO MUST WE BE.


If God has taken the trouble to give a prophetic message about His will for America to so many of His people, then we must stand with the Lord in prayer (AND FASTING) to see His plans through to completion!

Please join all who are praying (and fasting), for God’s will to be done in America this 2020 election year.

Global believers, will you stand with us? If we are standing for God’s plan together, it cannot help but be a blessing upon all of us and our nations. God honors and favors His people when we join Him in His plans any time, anywhere.

PLEASE, SHARE this message. You don’t have to share my post. I am content to be a ‘small person’ in this world, desiring neither attention nor fame. Just share the video, or share the prophetic message in your own way.

If you will, please join me in a short prayer now:

Holy Father, we acknowledge you are great, holy and wise above and beyond our understanding. Father, if You stand with Donald Trump, then we surrender to Your will and stand with him also. Holy Spirit, fill us now and guide us to be praying, fasting, and speaking ambassadors for GOD in His mission to protect Trump in his role as President of the United States of America. Jesus, we love You and thank You for shepherding Your people in these hours of need, not just in America, but globally. Help us to follow Your lead. In Your mighty name we commit and ask these things. Amen.

Finally, please join us at Faith and Fasting as we have committed to fast one day a week for the rest of 2020, for America. You don’t have to fast a whole day each week. It can be one meal. All of our efforts will strengthen the Kingdom of God and His power to accomplish His will in our land.

God bless America. God bless the global people of God! Peace.

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