YES, America IS in Prophecy

Nearly every day, I hear or read someone saying America is not in prophecy, and it makes me cringe because it is wrong. America absolutely is in prophecy, hidden in plain sight.

We’ve been told by respected scholars, pastors and teachers for so long that our nation is not in prophecy, perhaps as trusting sheep we never looked any further. Or, maybe it is one of those truths sealed by God, as the angel told the prophet, Daniel, to be revealed only in end times.


But this has been known before!

Did you know that Christopher Columbus said after accidentally discovering this land she was the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy?1

George Washington called America the second land of promise, and so did several of his contemporaries!

Just a few years ago, the Holy Spirit led me to spend two years in Biblical and historical research on this topic. My work took a closer look at Old Testament prophecy. It concluded America was there all along, spoken of by the prophet Isaiah, for one, as a land where God’s people would gather in the greatest numbers in the last centuries.

It sounds crazy, I know, especially for traditional Protestants like me, but the Biblical evidence is stunning and extremely compelling.

So, today, to combat the unbelief surrounding the significance of our nation, I want to share the Introduction of my book. I pray you will give the evidence a chance. As we stare end times in the face, and deceptions are growing, it is profoundly important to hold onto truth.

Holy Spirit, please pour out Your vision upon Your people! Open the eyes and ears of our souls to recognize truth wherever it may be found. For the glory of Jesus, Yeshua, and in His name.



Masterfully and poetically, Isaiah prophesied the most pivotal events in human history. He foretold a Redeemer coming to save a rebellious people. He comforted them with word of Redeemer’s long-awaited arrival. He described the suffering of this Servant. Then he promised glorious blessings of the people restored by Redeemer. In simplest terms, Isaiah is Messiah-centric.

Isaiah brought his message to life using relational and family concepts like widowhood, barrenness, and marriage. He talked of a new land for the “bride”, and birth of new children.

Isaiah gave descriptions of the new land, where the people restored by Redeemer (the bride) would eventually dwell.

Listen carefully to Isaiah 49 (speaking to Zion, the people of God):

19 Your desolate places and the land of your destruction will EVEN NOW BE TOO SMALL for the inhabitants.
20 The children you will have after you have lost the others, will say… ‘THE PLACE IS TOO SMALL FOR ME; GIVE ME A PLACE WHERE I CAN DWELL.’

The prophet Isaiah let us know in this short passage that there would be a destroyed land and lost children. The prophecy of destroyed land was fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple in 70 A.D.

He also revealed there would be so many new children that the old land of destruction would become much too small for them. Followers of Christ, having begun in Jerusalem, have grown and spread worldwide. Was that what Isaiah meant when he said the new children would need a bigger place to live, that they would someday cover the whole earth?

In one view, many well-established Bible scholars have insisted the new land Isaiah described is still a future fulfillment after the return of Christ, something God’s people will enjoy only in the Millennium. The Millennium, described briefly in Revelation, is the thousand-year reign of Christ on earth after His return.

But Isaiah’s very detailed descriptions, all the way down to soil content, perfectly match one particular land that exists now.

For many years, without explanation, I was overwhelmingly drawn to read Isaiah. Over and over, when I would pick up the Bible to read or study, I found myself landing in his prophetic chapters.

Each time I came across a mention of the ‘new land’ in Isaiah, I was intrigued and couldn’t help but silently ponder it sounded oddly familiar. The thought nagging my mind was it seemed very similar to United States history and makeup.

Crazy and counter-culture in traditional circles, I barely mentioned my suspicions to anyone. It had long been declared absolute by so many Christian teachers that America is not in prophesy. Still, the prodding in my mind and spirit would not go away.

In the Fall of 2014, the Holy Spirit powerfully moved me to research America, to compare her to each of the descriptions in Isaiah regarding the new land for the followers of Redeemer. I wanted to thoroughly examine her founding, topography, and more, against every suspect passage in Isaiah.

My research began where Isaiah said the soil of the new land would contain MULTIPLE gemstones. [There is Biblical precedent here – the first promised land’s soil content was also foretold in advance to God’s people! “A land of copper and blue stone…” (Deut. 8:9; Job 28) And that is exactly what Israel had, has to this day: ONE gemstone.]

With gemstone research as my cornerstone, I spent weeks studying in worldwide databases. What I unearthed was overwhelming.

The United States is saturated with MULTIPLE gemstones in her rocks and soil, far beyond any other country in the world. “The stones will cry out…” Luke 19:40

The information to follow, uncovered over weeks and months, I can only describe as staggering. One by one, exact and distinct matches were found in America to all of Isaiah’s prophetic descriptions of the ‘future’ land until they added up to 100%.

There was no doubt in my mind we were a match. More than that, we were the head-and-shoulders-above-the-rest, single perfect match. Is it possible for such a thing to be a coincidence? Or, were we the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophecy and scholars had somehow missed it?

Pressing me ever onward, one day the Spirit whispered to me, calculate the odds. What were the odds of one country in all of history being the clear, point-by-point match to every single prophecy of Isaiah’s new land? I had no idea how to calculate odds, but studied and learned.

When I finally put pencil to paper, my mind exploded again. The astronomical odds against one country being the identical match to Isaiah’s prophecy rendered it statistically impossible to have happened by chance. The numbers could not lie. No country could have been a perfect match, except by design.

I dreaded being labeled just one more pretentious American trying to elevate our far-from-perfect country to the level of ancient Israel. How could I raise my hand and timidly suggest to an unwelcoming crowd that we might be another promised land right out of Scripture?

That we might just be the dirty Cinderella whose foot inexplicably, perfectly, and exclusively fits into the glass slipper?

Ironically, guess what the name, America, means in Latin per and


The facts must be shared. The data demands a wider audience. And more importantly, if I’ve learned anything in life, when the Spirit hands you insight, revelation great or small, it must be proclaimed no matter the implications.

So, I bring you this evidence with timidity. Let’s be honest, it isn’t every day you challenge a paradigm or face down a giant. Still, it comforts me that a boy named David did just that once, and God was glorified in the outcome. And, this time around, there are more than just a few stones.
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1 Columbus, Christopher (1501-1505). Libro de Las Profecias. Public Domain.

2 Humphreys, David (1785). “From George Washington to David Humphreys, 25 July 1785,” Founders Online, National Archives ( [last update: 2016-03-28]). Source: The Papers of George Washington, Confederation Series, vol. 3, 19 May 1785 – 31 March 1786, ed. W. W. Abbot. Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1994, pp. 148–151.

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  1. Isaiah 33: 22: “For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; he will save us.”

    The above scripture is a foreshadowing of the three branches of the U.S. Government: Judicial, Legislative and Executive.


    “By the all-powerful dispensations of Providence, I have been protected beyond all human probability and expectation; for I had four bullets through my coat, and two horses shot under me, yet escaped unhurt, altho’ death was levelling my companions on every side.”

    –GEORGE WASHINGTON, letter to John A. Washington, Jul. 18, 1755

    “The Man must be bad indeed who can look upon the events of the American Revolution without feeling the warmest gratitude towards the great Author of the Universe whose divine interposition was so frequently manifested in our behalf.”

    —Washington’s letter to Samuel Langdon, September 28, 1789

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