Dream: This, Too, Shall Pass – Another Election Prophecy

Tuesday, April 21
: I was talking to a visiting elderly Uncle. He wanted to find my dad’s old mates from the Navy. I looked for the info in a very messy closet, stuff laying on top of other stuff. I found a card from “Jimmie Moran”, and a book by “Jimmie Milne” which contained wartime scenes and stories.

The card from “Jimmie Moran” contained a photo of a group of people in Israel playing games on a lawn. I was showing them in a semi-dark room to my uncle, and to a younger woman.

Then, my dad showed up, got frustrated opening the door because there was a mess under it, and he had to push it hard to open. The items under the door resembled hard foam floats.

I started to show dad the items from his old friends. But I commented I wasn’t sure how he could get in touch with any of them now. There didn’t seem to be any phone numbers or clear addresses.

When I awoke from this dream and began to attempt interpretation, I looked up the names Milne and Moran and quickly found two real men, notable men, both with the same name in the dream: Jim Milne and Jim Moran!

James M. Milne was the first principal of the State of NY University. SUNY has a library in Milne’s honor that now includes a database on COVID. IRONIC since in the dream, the book was from Jim Milne!

James P. Moran was an elected official, a Democrat, in Fairfax County, Virginia. Again, ironic since the card was from “Jimmie Moran”. A card sounds like a ballot, doesn’t it!? So, these two men connect COVID, and a Democrat elected official near Washington, D.C.

In the dream, these artifacts were a thing of the past (a messy past as shown by the messy closet) from “the crisis years of WWII”. COVID has been like a war, and Trump has called himself a wartime President because of it.

Wondering if this is God’s cryptic way of revealing this messy time in American history will be a thing of the past, along with the Democrat’s power, not just temporarily, but for years to come?

I never wanted my blog to be political, to take sides, but I will share whatever God shows me. You must make of it what you will.

That my ‘dad’ in the dream struggled to get in the door because of mess under the door, in the form of ‘foam floats’, is interesting. The floats were presumably more old mess from the closet left around. The floats reminded me of what you would see around a fisherman’s net.

I believe that micro-scene was a symbol that God (the Father, symbolized by my dad in the dream) struggles to enter into our perspective, His presence is limited when we keep the mess of the past ‘laying around’. Worse, until we put elements of the past in their proper place, we risk failing our calling to be ‘fishers of men’, to reach the world for Christ in fulfillment of The Great Commission! When we are surrendered and filled with His Spirit instead of bitterness and resentment, we can literally use everything from the past as a tool for His glory.

What of the photographed people “playing games on a lawn in Israel” as also being part of the past? The scene was a happy, carefree one. The name, Israel, to God means the followers of His Son: Israel of God. Peace and mercy to the Israel of God… Galatians 6:16

I believe that dream scene was a promise of God to care for His people – the sheep of His pasture – even through the messiest times in modern history. We are still a people of joy, blessed with abundance, when we are walking in His Spirit, surrendered to our Savior!

Stay in prayer, holy people! The Lord is in His temple, and His plans for us are only for our good.

Finally, Romans 8:28 promises all things work together for good, for them that love the Lord, who are called according to His purposes!

His blessing be upon you, precious sons and daughters of God. He is with us. Peace.