Did infected bat remains from Wuhan lab find their way to rivers?


On Friday morning, April 17, I heard two words in my spirit soon upon waking: Bat and rivers.

When it happened, my immediate human thought was, well, that was random. Rivers? Celebrity Joan Rivers?

Guys, my mind is typically stumped at first, every time I hear from God. It is one way I know these things don’t come from me. I’m not that clever!

Of course, eventually my mind caught up with my spirit. Or, maybe His Spirit?

Bats are credited for the source of Coronavirus. Could the Spirit have just revealed more about the source of the spread?

Could infected bat remains have been disposed of in rivers by someone from the lab in Wuhan? Or perhaps accidentally made their way there?

I’ll be honest, I didn’t share this right away because it seemed so sketchy and random, and I didn’t know how to present it. But then today something happened.

Background: if you’ve read my post from April 7, Coming Clean: Dreams and Visons about COVID-19, then you know on March 19, I had a dream about a giant sow giving birth to 11 baby piglets. In the dream, the piglets were born with lab identification collars.

While more detail is shared in that post, the most basic interpretation of the dream was, the sow was a symbolic representation of China and I predicted it would eventually come out that Coronavirus was first in a lab before escaping (though not on purpose).

True to that prediction, we just saw a headline today that read, “agreement among most of the 17 Intelligence agencies that COVID-19 originated in the Wuhan lab”.

The sow dream had nailed it! Be sure, if a dream is genuinely from the Holy Spirit, it will be nothing but accurate!

So now what do we do with the words, bat and rivers?

Guys, I don’t know. I only have one guess, as already mentioned: Perhaps diseased bat remains from the Wuhan lab found their way into nearby rivers.

All we can do is wait and see how, or if, it plays out.

Until next time… the Lord bless and keep His people today and every day.

Stay safe out there as you slowly return to work and life!